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In this article, we introduce about Lamin 8, an innovative tech co. for furniture design from kitchen system to living room furniture and office furniture.

Various manufacturing options for furniture design

The company used to use two manual beam saws, involving hard physical work of lifting heavy boards. The work was very tiring for operators, especially with the increasing amounts of overtime having to be worked to meet orders.

Because of growing demand, Lamin 8 looked at various manufacturers of beam saws to see how their service could be speeded up and capacity increased through the use of new technology that is less labour intensive.

They looked at various manufacturing options and decided on an innovative machine designed to meet their special needs–not an adapted standard machine. In this respect, they favoured the Schelling FT with vacuum feed, incorporating many innovative features from their new Evolution range. In the previous, we mentioned about another tech for furniture design.

Says managing director Stephen Dale: “We felt that the Schelling was a well engineered, high specification, heavy duty machine, which would meet our needs for the foreseeable future, providing considerable spare capacity for expansion. We liked the quality and versatility it provided and the reputation Schelling had established with customers in the various UK installations we visited.”

Customers of Lamin 8

Adds Stephen: “We were impressed, in particular, with the computer graphics, the saw carriage, cutting speed, clamps and cutting height. It will quadruple our production capacity without increasing our labour requirement. It will also satisfy our hyper-critical customers on quality and a scratch free surface finish.”

Lamin 8’s customers are particularly demanding and monitor them on a regular basis of quality, delivery and system performance. They must meet all the criteria in order to continue to serve the market.

“The beauty of the Schelling is that it is very flexible, capable of high volumes or one-offs. It can accommodate thick boards or thin boards down to 3mm. Once the program is in the computer system, it only takes seconds to change from one job to another,” says Stephen. “Since the Schelling was installed last May, it has attracted new customers,'” he adds.

A look back of Lamin 8

Lamin 8 was established in Merseyside 17 years ago as specialist laminators to the caravan trade. Not wanting to keep all their eggs in one basket, they decided to diversity and picked up business from Armstrad and by providing a panel cutting service. They expanded and moved to their present facility in Wrexham, nine years ago. Present turnover stands at 4 million [pounds sterling] and they employ 20 people.

They expect to continue to grow and now have the spare manufacturing capacity to do it. Their production can be further increased, when appropriate, by adding an automatic stacking station at the front of the Schelling. Lamin 8 find their direct modem line from the Schelling saw to the factory in Austria, has proved very impressive in practice. They have only had to use it a few times so far, and their questions have been answered promptly. The fault diagnosis system locates faults very precisely and spares have been delivered next morning.

Schelling FT: in furniture industry

“Schelling has been very professional. They have stayed close whilst we’ve been on a learning curve and given excellent service support. They are one of the better manufacturers to deal with and I reel confident we made the right choice,’ says Stephen.

The Schelling FT-h is a particularly powerful, heavily built, machine and is probably one of the largest standalone beam saws available. It features the latest concepts of the new Evolution model that Schelling launched al Ligna last year, of the saw carriage, clamps and drives.

The FT is automatically rear fed by vacuum feeder to avoid any possibility of scratching sensitively coated boards–particularly paper foil boards that can be more easily damaged. Rear loading can be carried out whilst the machine is cutting. The machine is specified for heavy duty work and long lasting accuracy. It can, in fact, be used for cutting aluminium and soft metals–so strong is the structure.

Key features include clamps that open to 270mm; a main motor of 3Bhp; book height of 150ram; saw carriage with feed speeds up to 70m/min; and automatic electronic scoring saw adjustment without stopping production.

The infeed conveyor feeds the lift table at the back of the machine with different sizes and types of boards. The vacuum feeder lifts and counts the boards on to an alignment table which squares the boards. As soon as the right number of boards is assembled, the pusher automatically takes over and feeds the boards into the machine for cutting in accordance with the program.

Together, the machine features speed up and increase throughput to a considerable extent, with less effort expended by the operators.

The control system is the versatile modular control system (MCS), windows-based NT system–which is said to be very easy to use. The advantages of the system are numerous. It allows the operator to see a simulation of the whole machine working–the board information, the input, vacuum loading, patterns, panels being cut and stacking. Information from other software packages can also be picked out and transferred to Windows NT without retyping.


A further benefit is that the system links directly to Schelling, which operates a round-the-clock, seven day-a-week, hotline. Its specialist engineers can dial straight into the machine and check the status on the control system. They can then correct problems remotely and quickly.

At the same time, the operator can be shown how to deal with problems when they occur, remotely from Austria or Schelling UK. It can also be used for general operator training.

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