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The processing range of Jet machines is broad, quality and precision standards are high and while most British carpenters and joiners have no experience of Jet standards, the Jet range leads its sector in the American market.

The American woodworking marketplace has well established carpentry and joinery traditions and is roughly five times the size of the UK’s in terms both of user base and machine sales potential. Quality standards also are high right across the US where per capita wealth can afford the best timber joinery and indeed insists upon it at the checkout. Standards are stimulated by a home grown limber resource that is significantly in advance of our own–particularly in terms of hardwoods.

Jet has led the American market for most of the 50 years that the machines have been available there–the manufacturer is in fact Swiss: Walter Meier Holdings AG (WMH Group). And the Jet range encompasses everything that the small carpentry or joinery sheep needs–including a range of bag unit dust extractors, ducting and secondary air filtration for the ultimate in clean working environmental control.

Build standards and performance are so high that many individual machines find their way into small corners of large factories across the USA where they address essential low volume or specialist duties at a fraction of the cost of higher technology specialist machines. Jet is particularly strong in sanding and offers an extensive range of bench mounted and floor standing machines running disk, belt, spindle, drum and edge sanding options in a range of operating formats and many individual machines combine two or more sanding disciplines.

At the wood and panel sizing end of the work spectrum, Jet Tools & Machinery in the UK will market a range of circular and band saws and also a sliding table (or ’tilting arbor’) model with a heavy duty, torsion-proof table measuring 940 x 510mm and hand wheel controls for vertical and diagonal adjustment.

Also with hand wheel adjustment height controls is a number of Jet bandsaw models new to the global market, each with new precision guides fur micrometer sizing accuracy and a range of tiltable cast iron tables sizes with T-style fence layouts and a parallel cutter for special sizing operations.

Also new to the Jet range of saws is the Jet Supersaw, a circular saw table with uniquely advanced specification and superior levels of precision. The cast iron table of the Jet Supersaw is available in two sizes: 1060 x 685mm or 705 x 685mm, each running with a 250ram blade diameter.

The latter is tiltable from the left providing a cleaner cut and greater safety in use through the reduced risk of backlash on mitre cuts and incorporates all the high precision and advanced operating features expected of an ‘industry standard’ machine but with a significantly lower price tag.

Traditional woodworking machines include a jointer in two cutting width alternatives, 150 and 200mm, and a 300mm operating width planer. A planer thicknesser with 3 x high speed knives operating a cut rate of 16,200pm will plane to a maximum width of 310mm and a thickness of 230mm and features a disengageable power feed of 6m/min. Jet’s ‘universal’ spindle moulder with speeds in a range from 1700 to 8000 U/min on a large, polished cast iron table measuring 540 x 635mm is claimed to have the capabilities of three machines rolled into one: a moulder, a sander and a router.

Jet is renowned in America for its mortisers of which one is a small but powerful bench mounted option with a 0.5hp output motor, rack and pinion head raising and lowering on a reversible gas pressure column and hinged access doors for easy tool changing.

The floor standing alternative combines dovetail guides with gas pressure raising and lowering of the head and offers high precision length and depth stops for serial or higher volume production management.

For wood turners, let offer a range of four lathe models, three of them floor standing and line bench mounted. The latter, with a centre distance of 350mm and a swing range over the bed of 250mm, is described as a heavy duty machine with cast iron head and tail stocks on a cast iron bed to ensure stability in use.

The three floor standing models are all on rigid cast iron frames for professional results, the lightest of them a specially designed lathe bed that allows easy positioning and offers spindle speeds ranging from 450 to 2500mm with a headstock pivoting through 90 degrees.

The two heavier duty models are indeed heavily built for stability in use, or course, but also for durability–a longer shop floor life. The model JWL 1442 is new to the range and features a pivoting headstock through 360 degrees over the full length of the lathe bed and spindle speeds ranging from 370 through 2500rpm for precision machining. Also new is the JWL 1642, a tool for the professional wood turner with operating speeds variable to a maximum of 3200.

The danfer range comprises up to eight different models, several of them new to the Jet catalogue and comes in bench mounted and floor standing forms. All are built on solid cast iron frames with quiet induction motor drives and a range of formats to suit all needs at all levels. Two oscillating spindle sanders each come with a range of spindle diameters to address the widest possible spread of workpiece shapes, sizes and internal and external radii–one in particular is new to the range for 2003.

Two combination disc/belt sanders offer the former in 9 and 12in disc versions and the latter for belt sanding at a range of angles from vertical to horizontal and at a pitch range from 45 to 15 degrees. A specialist belt sander for edge finishing work will sand horizontally, vertically or at any angle in between while Jet’s drum sanding option introduces self-cooling precision at a drum speed of 1,400rpm and a guaranteed sanding tolerance of 2.5mm over a drum width of up to 410mm.

Drill presses from Jet guarantee concentricity on morse tapers with spindles fully supported on ball bearing tracks. High precision chucks for quick clamping are standard on each of the four models–all are fitted with powerful motors for continuous operation on a range of table sizes and at speeds from 210 to 3030rpm.

The full range of woodworking machinery from Jet can be serviced environmentally using a range of three dust extraction bag systems which offer exceptionally high filter efficiency of 99.5% on fine dust in a range between 0.2 and 2 microns. Each is mounted on casters for total mobility and the capacity range of collection bags is from 75 to 175 litres–air flow is in a range from 1000 to 1800 cu mtrs/hr. A range of rigid and flexible ducting components allows machines to be serviced direct and replacement filter cartridges are available.

Jet extraction products can even tackle airborne dust in workshops small and large using a range of air filtration systems which have been shown in independent tests to reduce dust to air pollution by over 50%. Jet Air filtration systems can be equipped with infrared remote control systems to automatically adjust for on/off, three alternative operating speeds and also for timer controlled operations–they will remove 85% of all particles up to 1 micron from the working atmosphere. Even movement of machines or materials is no problem for Jet users–a smartly branded hand pallet truck with a carrying capacity of 2600kg on a truck itself weighing in at 80kg is available.

It is the corporate policy of Jet Tools & Machinery worldwide to distribute its machines and consumable materials through specialist stockists and merchants in order to ensure good sales and service backup and continuity as well as technical support . This will also be the policy of Jet UK distribution management who have established a network of stockists across the UK.

A national sales management team of two–Craig Poynton and Nick Brown in the south and the north of the country respectively–are servicing the UK marketplace with a dedicated distribution team from a warehouse and office in Axminster in Devon where Craig Poynton says that a current stock list in excess of 15,000 individual machines and consumable items is already in hand.

‘We are talking about a premium range of tools and machines here,’ he says, ‘the American continent’s market leader. UK woodworkers at all levels will be able to get exactly what they want, when they want it–and I think they will be pleasantly surprised by the technology standards as well as by the prices!’

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