Rugs Carpets Floor & 38 Fail-Safe Combinations; You may not be able to alter your existing hard flooring or carpet; here are some guidelines to help you choose the right rug


As a major component of any space, it’s important to give it the same consideration as the walls and decor when compiling your materials and colour palette. Choosing a rug with a design and colour scheme that works with your exisiting flooring and ties in with your furnishings can make the difference between pulling together a look or having that strange feeling that something in the room isn’t quite right. Here are some suggestions on how to mix and match rugs with six different floors.

high color rug flooring for your home
high color rug flooring for your home

1. Hide away High-end coloured cowhide in Spiga (size varies: 4.5 sq m to 5.5 sq m), from $935, NSW Leather Co.

2. Indigo blue Esprit ESP-2324-01 handtufted acrylic rag (1.7m x 2.4m), $899, DecoRug. Also in 1.2m x 1.8m or 2m x 3m.

3. Sweet shades Handwoven screenprinted multicoloured stripe lute rug (1.2m x 1.8m), $176, World Weave. Also available as a runner or “petite” rug.

4. Hand written Obsession “Writing” handtufted embossed acrylic rug (1.6m x 2.3m), $599, Domayne.



A BLANK CANVAS Most rugs will suit lighter-coloured floors (like birch, shown here) so your choice has a lot to do with the look you want to create. All-white walls and white or lighter-toned floors allow for bright and bold colour choices in decor and furnishings. This means you can opt for something colourful and fun, especially in kids’ rooms. Candy stripes and bold designs will create strong focal points and are useful to tie together different colours used in the room. Keep things modern and make a bold statement with Scandi-inspired hides or high-contrast patterns – graphic black-and-white designs are particularly effective, especially when the floors are matched with similarly toned furniture.

Home furnishing and home interior with rug carpet
Home furnishing and home interior with rug carpet

Bold designs RUG Galleria collection acrylic in Black & White (1.55m x 2.25m), $259, Dare Gallery. FLOOR Lakt timber veneer click-lock in Birch, $29 a sq m (packet price is $67.28), Ikea; also in Oak. THE REST Replica Poul Kjaerholm “PK24” chaise lounge, $1395, Matt Blatt. PS Karljohan side table in Core Birch, $99, Ikea. Karmena cushion in Asphalt (on floor), and Paloma cushion in Stone, $59.95 each, Country Road. Zebra plates, $70 each, Orson & Blake. Small Tima vase in Black, $49.95, Country Road. Echinacea flowers, $21 a bunch, Garlands. Dexter the beagle.



TIMBER FLOORS such as tallowwood, gums and ironbark have a medium brown tone that’s common in popular furniture so if you’re working with existing pieces in these shades, break up the brown with rug designs that are bold and eye-catching yet sympathetic to your floor colour. We think rich deep reds and neutral shades complement brown tones best, so rugs made of natural materials like jute, sisal, seagrass, hemp, wool and cotton work well. Pick bold designs and inject subtle, rich organic colours into interiors with your rug selection. Keep your future furniture selections in plain white or light-tones and minimise the timber colours in the space.

Pretty patterns

RUG Handmade Lino 100% wool by Pia Wolanski (1.6m x 2.3m), from $990, Designer Rugs. FLOOR Silkwood engineered hardwood in Tallowwood, from $108.90 a sq m (not including installation), Boral Timber Flooring. THE REST Replica Tulip dining table, $419, and Wishbone chairs, $325 each, ClickOn Furniture. Lombok placemats, $15 each, and Marlux salt and pepper mills, from $49.95 each, The Bay Tree.

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