We are all clear that kitchen knives are diverse in design, because there are many of food types, so it need different knives to handle with. For example, a thick meat might need a big knife to cut, a tough pork bone might need a large and heavy knife to chop. So, how about the small foods, it needs a paring knife to deal with. Paring knife is kind of seen as the smallest one in kitchen knife set but it has a very essential feature in cooking.
I am sure that many of you still not understand clearly all functions of paring knife, so I am going to tell you in general and detail of how paring knives are used. From that you can find your best paring knife


Before identifying functions of paring knife, first thing that we should do is to know what a paring knife is. Paring knife has small size, its blade is about 21/2 to 4 inches and typically tapering at the point. The small form can be useful while holding and moving when you cut something small with this knife.

In fact, there is like a sea of knives available on market, including paring knives. This knife has different shapes and designs with specific names as Bird’s Beak, Chef’s, Sheep’s Foot… Like its names, each one has particular function and way of use.

Therefore, we think it is very crucial that you get a deep understanding about how they use all types of knife, so that you can make decision of what is the best paring knife you should have in your kitchen.what is paring knife


So what makes paring knife

You can find that you have a great control for this knife as it is made with balance between blade and handle. So we suppose a best paring knife is expected to be perfectly used for intricate and delicate works.


The very important factor that you should consider when buying a paring knife is what it is used for. As every time I see a paring knife, I have always been impressed by its cute and elegant design. It brings up the thinking that this kind of knives was created for doing something sophisticated and discrete. Clearly, the sharp point and short blade are really more helped in peeling, slicing, tipping foods that needs details which cannot be done with other larger knives.The following lists below for referring will help you to figure out the best way of using your paring knife to get the best cooking:

  • Peeling skin of fruits

I usually use this knife to remove all skin on fruits like potatoes or apples. My mother really likes using it because just slightly moving her hand, all skin on fruits comes off. The best thing is, using paring knife to do it, you can avoid hurt yourself if your hand gets slipped when holding the bigger one. Besides, it is easier to make clean and quick cut by using the sharp edge of paring knife, as my mother always makes clean potato eyes or carrot eyes by it.

  • Slicing fruits and vegetables

I prefer using paring knife to slice the small and tough fruits like sweet potatoes, garlic and carrots. Because for sometimes, the big size of other knives can block your view, then you may cut your fingers if you are not careful.

  • Tipping

The point and sharp tip of paring knife is really helped for close work that you cannot do with larger knives. For example, you tend to hold up on the blade of paring knife, your thumb and index finger rest on either side of this blade, then you slide the tip of paring knife into the top of strawberries to remove the hull, or you can do the same with shrimps for de-veining or with chili for removing seeds

  • Boning

Other function of paring knife is to help you separate meat from bone. You can use paring knife for boning fishbone or boning other small meats

  • Carving

Another interesting function of paring knife is you can use it to carve patterns shape any design on foods. Simply, the small paring knives work well with food that needs detail design like garnishes. For example, many famous chefs use paring knives to make a very amazing pattern on skin of water melon. The small size, the sharp blade and point tip that allow them to flexibly move hand and create a very masterpiece of cooking.best paring knife


As being made very clear above, all paring knives are small, light and elegant shaped that really helping for good cooking performance. Once you grasped the main function and some main ways of use with paring knives, you will realize that paring knives in kitchen will help you a lot by saving more time in cooking. However, it is also very important for you to know exactly each function for each type of paring knives, from that you can make a good choice on the best paring knife for you kitchen.

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