An innovative technology for furniture design

Technology furniture

In this article, we introduce about Lamin 8, an innovative tech co. for furniture design from kitchen system to living room furniture and office furniture.

Various manufacturing options for furniture design

The company used to use two manual beam saws, involving hard physical work of lifting heavy boards. The work was very tiring for operators, especially with the increasing amounts of overtime having to be worked to meet orders.

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A star is reborn: the range of wood coatings for professional furniture makers

a star

Arch Chemicals acquired the Sayerlack range of ‘Innovative Wood Solutions’, already market leaders in this and many other countries around the world, in year 2000. Now the brand has been repackaged to generate a new and dynamic image and to raise the profile of the products and everything the brand represents across a broad range of market sectors.

Protection and decorative enhancement for furniture materials

The protection and decorative enhancement of wood in all its forms has been the corporate mission of Sayerlack since its establishment as a manufacturing company in 1954 at Pianoro, in Italy–the site where the production base remains to this day. hr fire beginning the focus of the founders was directed primarily towards traditional timber joinery and veneers for architectural and interior fitting applications and for furniture manufacture and restoration.

Now, in the 21st century that remit has been extended to encompass wood based panel materials–not just in their veneered form but also foil laminated and extending to timber and panel materials deployed externally as well as internally. The role of Sayerlack branded materials has been summed up by its current owners as ‘tire ennoblement of wood and wood based materials’.

‘We must now bring together,’ says Arch Coatings managing director Ian Hobday, ‘all of the research, development and product formulation gains that we’ve made during the past three years under the umbrella of a single brand which will encapsulate, for markets worldwide, the range and scope of achievements by Arch Coatings.

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Delivering a kitchen makeover

kitchen manufacturer

Kitchen manufacturers

In 1995 Burbidge & Son commissioned a far-reaching independent customer survey to help establish the most important supplier attributes required by its target market of small-to-medium-sized kitchen manufacturers and retailers.

The results revealed that the most important competitive edge could be gained by achieving a consistently reliable delivery performance.

Burbidge used the survey to benchmark itself against its competitors and found that while it was recognised for many positive things, particularly the quality of its products, its delivery performance was generally seen as poor.

Managing director Ben Burbidge said: “We had already started looking at transport arrangements. We had been running our own fleet, which operated an inflexible milk round, and were considering using a carrier. The survey showed service was more important to our customers than anything else and our service was bad.

“Our ability to complete and deliver on time was not very good and we were losing share to competitors on that basis. We realised that to improve we had issues to resolve that were deeper than transport.”

This is when Warwick Manufacturing Group, part of the engineering school of the University of Warwick, was consulted. Among the aims of the consultation was to:

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