Furniture industry and rules

Industry rule

When materials and components are not fit for purpose there is a high risk of customer complaints, product failure and the possibility of claims for compensation. Product specifications are a vital part of the buying process and ensure product uniformity. They assist with the task of demonstrating that due diligence has been exercised and that ‘all reasonable steps have been taken to ensure a product is safe’.

Key areas where SATRA can help retailers who are thinking of resourcing:

* Advice on the content of product specifications

* Up to-date information on product safety legislation including: The General Product Safety Regulations 1994 and 92/59/EEC; glass in furniture; bunk beds; upholstery; wire management in office furniture; the UK Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988

* Detailed performance standards for materials, components and complete items–SATRA’s Furniture Guidelines are useful here

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